The Certificate of Proficiency constitutes an official certification of knowledge of the English language and Advanced Proficiency level. It is awarded by the University of Michigan, one of the leading U.S. universities in the field of linguistic research, with lengthy experience in establishing and developing of a broad range of English language examinations.

The University of Michigan Certificate of Proficiency, like the Certificate of Competency (Lower), is officially recognized by the Greek state as a language certification. It is also recognized by the private sector (airline companies, travel agencies, private banks, shipping firms, etc) as a certification of knowledge of the English language. Candidates who hold the Certificate of Proficiency can obtain an "eparkeia" for teaching English as a foreign language issued by the Greek Ministry of Education.

What is the format of the ECPE?

The ECPE Examination consists of the following parts:

  • a 10- to 15-minute speaking test, in the form of a one-on-one oral interview, containing both short interchanges and longer discourse;
  • a 30-minute impromptu essay written on one of two assigned topics;
  • a 30-minute, 50-item multiple-choice listening comprehension test;
  • a 75-minute, 120-item multiple-choice grammar, cloze, vocabulary, and reading test.

Candidates must pass all four parts in order to be awarded the Certificate.

The written tests are sent to the University of Michigan for grading.

  • The multiple choice tests (parts 2-3) are graded by computer.
  • The essay is graded by examiners at the University.
  • Candidates' oral skills are assessed in Greece but the final grade is, again, given by the University of Michigan.

How long does the test last?

The written part of the examination (sections 1-3) lasts approximately 3 hours with the instructions included. The speaking test lasts 10-15 minutes.