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Who we are


Koletsou School of English was set up in 1989 by Margaret Koletsou (a native of Scotland) who has been in teaching both in Scotland and in Greece since 1981.

Her qualifications:

  • Master of Philosophy in Grammar, Phonetics and Methodology (Glasgow University (1989)
  • Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Aston University 1987)
  • Bachelor of Education in Montessori teaching (1981)

School Philosophy

When establishing the school, we wanted to combine Montessori with traditional methods of teaching so as to be able to work better with our students who are all at state schools. Although we have 200 students, we have managed to maintain a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere.

Progress through the school

The Reception Class is possibly the most important for the child as the foundations of his future progress very much depend on this.

Normally a child starts when he is in 3rd class of Primary School and he comes to us just once a week. From the first day the children learn how to read, write, speak and listen to English. We find that some children are not mature enough when they are in 3rd class to cope with learning English as 3rd class in Greek Primary school can be rather difficult for them. If that is the case, the child may stop in the middle of the school year and start again the following September when he starts 4th class Primary. By that time he will be more mature and able to cope with the Primary School and English.

If a parent chooses not to start the child in 3rd class Primary, then he can also start in 4th class Primary. In that case, all the children will be 4th class Primary, with some starting for the first time, while others will have had a few months of experience from the previous year. However, the children who started in 3rd class and completed the class, will not be in the same group as the ones starting in 4th class Primary.

Apart from the Reception Class (3rd class Primary) who come to us once a week, all the other classes come to us 2 times a week – all the way to the Proficiency.

We believe that each child should progress at his own pace. Therefore, we have children who will take the E.C.C.E. (Lower exam) when they are in 1st class of secondary school, while others will do it when they are in their 2nd or 3rd year. The children do not progress up to the next class automatically. They must successfully pass all the class tests and maintain a satisfactory progress in all 4 skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

By the time the children are in their 3rd year with us, the whole lesson is carried out in English. All the discussions, books, instructions, DVDs, Video-cassettes, posters etc are only in English and by doing this, the children learn to THINK in English.

Success Rate

The overall success rate in all exams since 1998 is 90% of students taking the exams for the first time.

Postgraduate Study

Many of our students have successfully completed Master’s or PhD degrees in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Sweden and America. They are accepted for study abroad with the E.C.P..E (Proficiency) or they can be prepared for the T.O.E.F.L. exams.

DVD and Video-cassette Library

We have an extensive DVD and Video-cassette collection of movies of varying levels. The movies are all in English – without subtitles - and the children are all encouraged to borrow at least one per week. In this way, the children are further exposed to realistic English in a pleasant way.

Book Library

As with the DVDs and Video-cassettes, the children are also encouraged to borrow books.

Euxinou Pontou 2, Drama 66100, phone: 25210.37341
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